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Before I move on to the star of this write up, let’s take a minute to realise we are amongst the few lucky people who are blessed with all the necessities as well as luxuries. Having said that and pondered over it for a while, I attach certain emotions or feelings with each of these two. Luxuries are indulgent but give us an ecstatic feeling  whereas necessities also give us joy. However the joy provided  by necessities is eaten up by habituation … let’s just call it routine. It dies a mundane death.

Today’s write up to motivate you goes a little deeper than just scheduling or timing your priorities. It is targeting the very driving force… Our emotions. Our feelings power our action. Our actions also power our feelings. If we do realize it’s a vicious cycle. Ever wondered why or how on a lazy day by just lazing around you find absolutely no solace or pleasure. However the day you have worked so hard , that even a chocolate ice cream or lazing around is so good !

Its about the vicious cycle, if we work towards something with a thought or a plan, a feeling of power overwhelms us and makes us feel stronger. The stronger we feel more proficient we become in picking up another activity. So fulfilment of the actions rewards the reward centers in our brains which give us the high !

Believe it or not we can perpetuate the feelings. Lazing around on a lazy day just worsens the laziness. However getting up from the bed and just taking a stroll may change the way you feel completely.

So step number one for being a motivated self is to be aware of your inner feelings or the inner state. If there is anger, resentment we need to settle it first. If there is fear or anxiety we need to target that as well. These are also feelings which can guide us to take action. However actions taken under their influence are not fruitful usually and rather end up being counter productive.

So the next step will be to change the mood. You can very easily do these by just looking around on a positive feature. It may relate to a tree, a person, even a book or tv show. You have to consciously take that effort  to move away from this feeling. We usually know ourselves well enough to know what brings us joy – walking in nature, walking your pet or playing with him, reading a novel , writing a journal or even food- may involve cooking or eating. We may even call up a friend or read up our favourite self help. All these are ways to bring another feeling into our state.

Feelings of regret or failure can also over power us once we fail in a task or leave it incomplete for a deadline. This is an undesirable feeling to say the least and creates another vicious cycles of the same.

To counter all these there are just two phrases and making them your motto might go a long way.

“Take care of yourself first.”

“Stay in the present and experience it completely”

So the first one might seem to selfish if not understood correctly. Ever seen how an unfit person ( both mentally and physically) is less helpful. Ever seen people who are just overtly negative and rude , they are just not content with their own life. Hence they sprinkle their negativity pixie dust everywhere they go.

So fulfil yourself with a healthy body and feel confident about yourself always. Stay calm and try to meditate. Read works of the great people like Dalai lama or any of your favourites. Believe me these two aspects require plenty of your time. This will require cutting down on negativity and random unfruitful interactions. Filters out only the higher aims and best of the people in your life.

So it will help you to channelize your energies appropriately which will already be at a higher level.

Staying in present and experiencing it will kill the concept of luxury and necessity. When you savor your lunch as well as the cool glass of water you may drink following a tiring day at work, you might find it hard to ignore it. Experience each and every action in your mundane everyday and see the difference in the way you perceive world and also how you’ll be performing the action!

Spend time with yourself, uncover the thick dust layer you are under and take control !


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  1. Very fruitful and educative motivational thought,take care of yourself and spend more time with yourself.APerson with healthy body and healthy mind will stay calm and cutting down negativity around him.Good thought.

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